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Customer & Employee Measurement

kreativeMotive is a market research consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, MI specializing in Customer Satisfaction & Employee Engagement Measurement.  We customize these programs for businesses, educational organizations, and health care providers.

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Defining Success

Success is a balancing act.  On one side you have employees, on the other you have customers.  Each of these valuable stakeholders has their own unique set of needs, but the success of your organization is highly dependent on the relationship between emotionally engaged employees and satisfied customers.  This leads us to the first questions you should be asking yourself, "Are my employees emotionally engaged?  Are my customers satisfied?"  This is the beginning of what we call "The Conversation" - the exchange that takes place between an organization and its stakeholders.

Employee Surveys:

Start The Conversation

Employee engagement is a very hot topic today.  There has been a lot of useful discussion and analysis around this subject, but when it comes right down to it, employee engagement is a byproduct of engaged leadership.  Good management knows that their employees do not simply exist to do the bidding of leadership, but are instead a valuable source for innovation, motivation and feedback. 

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Customer Surveys:

Know Thy Customer

What is the real cost of losing a customer?  Lost profit from repeat purchases?  Yes...and a lot more.  It is typically 5-6 times more costly to gain a new customer than it is to maintain a current one.  Not to mention the fact that one dissatisfied customer takes away the profit from 5 satisfied customers due to all the extra effort an organization puts into fixing the problem, only to see the unhappy customer walk away.

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