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kreativeMotive is a market research consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, MI specializing in Customer Satisfaction & Employee Engagement Measurement.  We provides these services to diverse industries, including: Manufacturing, Education, Construction, Healthcare, Financial, Real Estate, Retail, & B2B.  Let that expertise work for you.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Know Thy Customer

What is the real cost of losing a customer?  Lost profit from repeat purchases?  Yes...and a lot more.  It is typically 5-6 times more costly to gain a new customer than it is to maintain a current one.  Not to mention the fact that one dissatisfied customer takes away the profit from 5 satisfied customers due to all the extra effort an organization puts into fixing the problem, only to see the unhappy customer walk away.  And the scariest fact of all is that 25-50% of customers don't complain even when they have a good cause, meaning they are more likely to leave without even giving you the chance to make things right. 

These are disheartening statistics, but there is good news.  Organizations with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in many markets average 15% higher ROI and 9% higher selling prices.  Every 5% gain in customer satisfaction ratings can double profitability!  Definitely good news, but you're probably asking yourself, "How do we start a program like that?" or, "We have a program, but it doesn't give the results we hoped for."  No problem.  Give us a call to find out if kreativeMotive has the right program for your organization.  Call today!


Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

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Why do customers leave?  There are a million reasons.  Too many to list here.  And really, we're jumping the gun to ask that question first.  The first question should be, When do customers leave?  Research shows that 91% of customers who have a problem but say nothing about it end up leaving.  While 82% of customers who voice their issues and get them resolved quickly return for repeat business (and are probably among the most loyal customers!)  It should be a top priority for any organization to have an ongoing program that allows customers to voice their concerns and get quick resolution.

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The Motive Index

kM has developed a simple and highly effective measurement program for any size organization.  We call it The Motive Index, or Modex.  kM’s system uses 3 separate measurement points to give a complete picture of your stakeholder's perception of your organization: [1] The Modex Score, [2] The Net Promoter Score, [3] The Integrated Benchmark.

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